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Driving Lessons and Driver Training Services

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Start your driving career

Class 7 (Learner's) Preparation

Penticton Driving School offers driving lessons with on the road training to start new drivers on their way to a lifetime of safe and responsible driving.

The first step is to qualify for your Learner's or Class 7L license.  The Learner's licence is issued following successful completion of a written test. Contact ICBC or review their directions at the ICBC website

Once you have your Learner's License, it's time for training on the road.

With the Graduated Licensing System in BC, a new driver must spend a minimum of 12 months gaining driving experience before taking their road test.  Your instructor will guide you through the skills needed to qualify for your Class 7 or "N" license.

When you practice between driving lessons, you must have a supervisor with you at least 25 years old with a valid Class 1 to 5 driver's license. To assist your supervisor, your instructor will provide a "Report Card" after each lesson to chart your progress and indicate skills needing extra practice leading to your road test.

During your test, an ICBC examiner will observe and evaluate the skills you have learned, including:

Driving situations and rules of the road. Including starting, stopping, left and right turns, passing vehicles, uphill and downhill parking, driving through controlled and uncontrolled intersections, parallel parking and backing up, reverse stall parking, two point / three point U turns, pre-trip inspection of vehicle, hazard perception and other safe driving practices.

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Continuing Experience

Class 5 Preparation

For those "N" drivers looking to achieve full driving status, Penticton Driving School offers comprehensive on road driver training to assist students in further development as safe drivers and to prepare for their class 5 exam.

Your Second Road Test

Anytime after gaining 24 months of driving experience, you can apply for the second road test. It is a more advanced test to see how your driving skills have developed over the past 2 years. When you pass this test, you will earn a full-privileged Class 5 Driver's License !

Requalify and Continue

Refresher Training for Experienced Drivers

Penticton Driving School provides valuable updated training for long term drivers looking to upgrade their skills and re-qualify for driving privileges as required by ICBC.

After many years of driving, drivers can fall into habits that may affect their safe operation of a motor vehicle.  Our coaching has proven effective in assisting experienced drivers to safely continue their driving career.


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