Penticton Driving School

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Driving Lesson Price List

A standard driving lesson with Penticton Driving School runs one hour, including progressive on road training with your instructor and report card preparation. As a convenience, we are now making two hour sessions available if required. Lessons are normally scheduled to allow suitable time for practice in between classes. All prices include any applicable sales taxes.

We make every effort to keep our vehicles clean and to offer a “Fragrance Free” environment for our students, avoiding perfumes, colognes, smoke or other odors. As such we require that students also comply with those conditions.

As a safety issue, it is also important for students to use suitable footwear during their lesson. (i.e. no flip flops or heavy boots)

Single 1 Hour Lesson                  $65.00

Lessons for individual students that have taken 6 hours of training with the school will be charged for the 7th and following lessons at an ongoing discounted rate of $60.00 per hour.

Single 2 Hour Lesson                $130.00

Exam Day Package                      $90.00

Drivers having taken a minimum of 3 hours training with the school and considered ready for ICBC testing are eligible to have the school make the arrangements for the driving test. For road exams to be booked by the school, we offer a $90.00 session which includes a 30 minute pre-test "warm-up" and use of a school car during the ICBC examination.

The package is not available to students having directly scheduled their own exam with ICBC.

This charge is payable to the instructor at the time of the last full lesson before the test.

Once booked, re-scheduling an exam day package will be subject to a $40 service charge.

Government testing and license fees are separate charges paid directly to Service BC on exam day.

Call the Driving School or speak with your instructor to make these arrangements.

Cancellation Policy: The school requires at least 24 hours notice to cancel or re-schedule a lesson.

All tuition fees are pay-as-you-go and payable in full by cash or cheque  to your instructor prior to the beginning of each lesson, or by e-transfer 24 hours in advance to [email protected]

If lessons of longer duration are desired, discuss any requirements with your instructor.

All prices are subject to change without notice.

Single lesson gift certificates are available. Call (250) 494-8620 to arrange.